14 Myths Which You Must Know In 2019 Busted About Food & Workout

Hello and Welcome to our website Pro Fitness Hub and today we are bringing to you among the most debated topic “Myths About Food & Workout , hence we thought that let break through some of the top myth which we come around every day and after lot of research we came up with 14 myths busted about food & workout 2019.

There are a lots of myths present in our surroundings which don’t have any Scientific Reason Behind it. Many individual believe these myths on their nutrition needs, rather than see a doctor.

There are a lot of Myths in our lives on which we trust without any Research. Myths are like colorful stories and attract people very easily. In this article we review the facts surrounding some food and workout myths.

If you want to find the exact truth behind those false myth , then we recommend you to please go through all 14 myths busted about food & workout 2019.

14 Myths Busted About Food & Workout 2019

MYTH – [1]

You May Be Sick If You Drink Water During Workout

FACT – [1]

If you are gym lover then this is for you. Drink water half an hour before exercising then it will not going to effect your health any way. drinking water during exercise is not a good habit.

It is good to ‘SIP’ water during workout. What actually happens is that when we exercises, then sweat means that water of our body comes out. So maintaining the water level in our body we have to sip water. Water keeps our body hydrated. How much water should you sip, it depends on your age, sex,height, weight, Intensity of exercise and time. Your trainer will definitely help you out in gym.

MYTH – [2]

You Should Avoid Carbs Because It Makes You Fat

FACT – [2]

Carbs don’t make you fat. The main function of carbohydrates is to provide energy for body especially to brain and nervous system. The fat is because of un-nutritious diet or taking calories more than you burn. On an average one gram of carbohydrates gives 4 calories on burning. Dietitian recommend 60 to 70 percent carbs in our diet. Lack of carbs in diet causes under nutrition and weight loss.

MYTH – [3]

People Should Eat Less on Rest Days

FACT – [3]

Rest is must to repair muscles and tissues and we require all essential minerals, protein, fats, carbs, and calories to recover them. If someone is eating less on their rest days they feel laziness whole day and they do not pay focus on the work which they are doing on rest days. So on rest days eat as much as you eat on other days.

MYTH – [4]

Ab Workouts Burn Belly Fat

FACT – [4]

The first thing that burn belly fat is nutrition then core workout third is cardio and fourth is weight training.Ab workouts don’t burn belly fat alone. By doing Ab-workout you are contracting your muscles not fat.So follow these four fundamental basics to loose weight.

MYTH – [5]

Walking Is not a Workout

FACT – [5]

Walking is the most simple and exquisite exercise that people of every age group can easily do. In the morning, there is a considerable amount of sun’s ultraviolet rays and oxygen in the climate, which is beneficial for health. Walking is considered as a simple thing, but by making it a routine we can bring unexpected benefits to our health.

MYTH – [6]

If You Have a Six-Pack That Means You’re Fit

FACT – [6]

Sometimes people mainly youngsters attempt to lose more body fat for making six-pack abs like their own choice celebrity, which causes some serious problem related to their body like they feel unhealthy, lack of energy for doing activities, and a weaker body. If you don’t have a six-pack doesn’t mean that you are unfit.
But if you want six-pack abs on your core than please follow your trainer and don’t put any extra effort to get abs.

MYTH – [7]

If You Have To Stay Fit Then You Need To Go Gym

FACT – [7]

Gym is not necessary to be fit. You can prepare your fitness plan to stay fit at home. Many people are doing gardening stretching and other activities of their choice to stay fit. You need money as well as time for doing gym but at home you can make your fitness good without any cost.

Follow the plan that you made on a regular basis to get results and stay fit as much as the people who are doing gym.

MYTH – [8]

Sweet Is a Good Source Of Energy, So We Can Eat It Before Doing Some Physical Activity

FACT – [8]

Chocolates, Cookies, Candies and Cake have same amount of sugar. Sugar will eventually be broken down into glucose, which will enter our bloodstream and be used as energy by our cells but this energy is for a short period of time and later you feel your energy level goes down than before having taking sugar.

MYTH – [9]

Fruit juices are best to loose weight

FACT – [9]

Ladies if you are believing on this then you are totally wrong. Let take an example If you have to make a glass of orange juice then you need 3 or 4 oranges. The main thing to loose weight is to burn down the extra calories and in one glass juice you are taking calories present in those 4 oranges. On separating juice from the fruit you are also separating fibers from the fruit.
Instead of juice choose a whole fruit with its fibre and enjoy your dieting.

MYTH – [10]

Only Overweight Person Need Exercise

FACT – [10]

Many people think that exercise helps to loose weight and they do not need to loose the weight so they don’t do exercise. But the fact is exercise help to keep human body healthy not only physically, mentally too. Moreover, it manages stresses of life and develop socialization.

MYTH – [11]

Vegetarian Cannot Build Muscles

FACT – [11]

Do you know what is necessary thing to build muscles the answer is PROTEIN. So, vegetarian can be as muscular as meat eater by getting their proteins from vegetables sources. Excess of protein may cause health problems. So take protein as much as you need.

MYTH – [12]

Food Eaten Late Night Is More Fattening

FACT – [12]

Studies revealed that meals eaten late night did not make much change. So it doesn’t matter what time you eat.Skipping meals is also a reason of getting fat. Going to sleep on an empty stomach could cause poor sleep quality, a slowing metabolism, and ravenous hunger in the morning. So take nutritious diet everyday.

MYTH – [13]

You Need Protein Shake Before You Work Out

FACT – [13]

Protein is main component for muscle to repair or to build the muscles back after your weights session at the gym.The protein is actually more useful after your workout. It does not provide energy in normal routine but it can act as source of energy only under extreme starvation.

There is no rule that you have to take protein in form of shake. You can take any source of protein like meat, eggs, beans, yogurt, almonds.

MYTH – [14]

Strength Training Exercises Decreases The Desire For Sex

FACT – [14]

This is completely wrong that strength training reduces your desire for sex. Rather your married life becomes better than before by doing this exercise. Researchers found that strength training exercises make sex life better of men’s and helpful in generating more sex related hormones in women. exercising any strength training every 20 minutes daily,sex hormone like oxytocin in the body of human become more, which leads to libido.

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